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            Yijun county is located at the junction of Guanzhong Plain Northern Shaanxi Loess Plateau. It is 120 kilometers away the ancient capital Xi'an in the South 27 kilometers away Xuanyuan Yellow Emperor's mausoleum in the north. It is named because it is suitable for the king to spend the summer. It is an old revolutionary base. With a total area of 1531 square kilometers, the county governs 6 towns, 1 Township, 1 sub district office, 2 comprehensive service centers 117 administrative villages, with a total population of about 100000. The average altitude is 1395 meters, the average temperature in summer is 19 ℃, the forest coverage rate is 53.83%. It is known as the largest "green lung" in the north of Qinling Mountains. There are Xuanzang's h planted Saha tree, Pengzu's hometown, grottoes of the Northern Wei Dynasty, Jiang NV's tears spring, Yunmeng Mountain, the great wall of the Warring States period Wei Dynasty, dryl terraces, Fudi Lake, animation Huaxi Valley, etc. it is one of the birthplaces of Yangshao culture, an active old red revolutionary area of Yanmen detachment "the hometown of modern Chinese folk painting". The territory is rich in mineral resources, including nearly 10 kinds of coal, oil, natural gas oil shale, the oil exploration reserves are 106 million tons.

            The general work guideline for China's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics has been carried out in recent years. The spirit of the nineteen nineteen second, third, fourth, fifth plenary session central economic work conference of the party has been thoroughly implemented. The overall keynote of the work of "keeping the balance of the masses" has been firmly promoted, the overall layout of the "five in one" has been coordinated coordinated, the four overall strategic layout has been coordinated promoted. Xi Jinping's plan is to promote the overall planning of the "five comprehensive" strategy. One belt, one road to the development of the the Yellow River area, is to promote the development of the high quality, deepen the structural reform of supply side, take reform innovation as the fundamental driving force, satisfy the growing needs of the people's livelihood. The "three opportunities" for the construction of Guanzhong Plain Urban Agglomeration take the path of building "four industrial clusters" of characteristic agriculture, summer vacation health care, food medicine green energy, accelerate the construction of the demonstration area for ecological protection high-quality development in the Yellow River Basin, the first summer vacation health care area of Guanzhong Urban Agglomeration the food medicine gathering area in Weibei. 

            Yijun county has successively won the national ecological demonstration area, the National Ecological Civilization Construction Demonstration County, the national health county, the National Garden County, the provincial civilized county, the provincial forest city, the provincial global tourism demonstration county, the national "three noes" county for petition work for four consecutive years, the highest honor of the national comprehensive management of social security "Chang'an Cup".

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